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Can you physically watch every customer and every employee ALL the time? Of course not!

Do you think there might be times when their activities are hurting your business? Of course there are!

What is this costing YOU? Hundreds of dollars? Thousands of dollars?

Do you "know" what goes on in your home when you're not there? What are your children doing? Your spouse? Your pets? Service people?

Are you facing a liability nightmare by NOT knowing?


Security and Surveillance Cameras Are ESSENTIAL to Protecting Lives and Property.

There are MANY crucial business applications:

Is your merchandise being correctly accounted for? How is your equipment being used? Do you really know what is happening when you are not there? Who comes and goes? And When? How do your employees use their time? Are you plagued by inventory shrinkage? Drive offs? Are you having problems with unauthorized access? Broken locks? Should you have a copy of security coverage for your own legal protection?

But don't overlook the security applications at home:

Would you like to see who is at your front door? Or coming up the driveway? Is it important for you to be able to check on your property from a remote location, 24/7? Do you have valuables that require special security? Guns? A safe? Liquor cabinet? Do you have a home office? Sensitive records and documents? Would you just like to monitor another room with a child or elderly relative?.

Whatever your reason for needing to monitor your home or business, A Skyline Communication has the solution. We have a wide selection of technologies designed for most any application. And we can customize some equipment and combine technologies for special situations. Call or email A Skyline Communication with questions and your requirements.

View the PRODUCTS MENU for ideas: outdoor and indoor cameras, still photos and video, day and night vision cameras, "nanny cams", and even cameras hidden in everyday objects. You have many options for viewing and recording. We also offer a selection of unique "spy equipment" including telephone recorders and bug detectors.

We specialize in the latest technologies for surveillance. And we pride ourselves on providing solutions that are effective, user-friendly, and cost-efficient. A Skyline Communication security cameras and recording systems are your "eyes" when you can't be everywhere, all the time.

A Skyline Communication surveillance systems provide an invaluable record to combat theft, vandalism, robbery, burglary, and all inappropriate behavior. The surveillance record may help the Police recover stolen valuables or substantiate your insurance claim for damages. The surveillance record may also save you tens, even hundreds of THOUSANDS of dollars when used in your defense in court.

It's this simple: Without a record, it is only your word against the other person. Without a record, any legal claim is easily denied.

Recognizing the tough economic times Cctvproducts and IP solutions is here to provide you with a full service solution and work to help your security system budget go further. We offer the lowest prices along with a low cost leasing program to provide you a system to suit your needs at a cost you can afford.



IR Day/Night 480 TVL Bullet Camera w/30 IR LEDs 12VDC/24VAC


26" Public View LCD Display w/Integrated Pixim Powered WDR Camera


High Resolution Color Indoor Dome Camera w/580 TVL 12VDC/24VAC


2124 IR LED Illuminator with 100 Foot Range


32 x 8 Matrix Switcher/Controller

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